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“Don’t ever relocate with your wife to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Holland. They give women too much power”
By on September 8th, 2023. News

Very, very true. Especially Ghanaian women. Many people do not know most tribes in Ghana are MATRILINEAL. This means when a woman gives birth, even in her husband’s house, the child is born to the woman and her extended family and NOT the man, as it obtains with nearly all tribes in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. That’s why it was “cool” for many Ghanaians to embrace Jerry Rawlings as their leader for many, many years, even though his father was a white man from Scotland, while his mother was a black, Ghanaian woman. Imagine such a woman from Ghana getting to the US and fraternizing with your Nigerian wife, especially as close friends! That was what happened to me here in the US. By the time I knew what was going on, after about 14 years of their friendship here, this woman from Ghana had even developed a bisexual / sexual relationship with my Muslim, Asalatu-going wife, along with many other females in their “circle of female friends”, mostly from Ghana, Liberia, etc.! Believe it!! I know I couldn’t when I eventually found out, just prior to my divorce from my wife here in the US. Years after the divorce I still know the very negative relationship I have with my ex-wife (she has done her best since our divorce here close to 10 years ago to turn our children against me, especially the eldest who I also know now indulges in bisexual relationships like her mother) continues to be “engineered” by her hardened female friends here in the US, many of them BISEXUAL, even as they live with their male husbands. All because America and a woman from MATRILINEAL (essentially allowing them to create and develop attitudes like men) Ghana created the enabling environment and impetus.

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