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Twitter user advises against having financial dealings with men who adore their women
By on May 10th, 2023. News

A Twitter user has taken to the platform to outline why people should avoid having financial dealings with men who adore their women.

According to @Shadaya_Knight, such men have been compromised and emasculated. He added that a man who involves his female partner in any decision he takes is a “defeated man”. 

THE MANIPULATED MAN Avoid having any financial dealings with men who worship their women, because they will always prioritize the queen over the deal And it’s very easy to see that a man is compromised, that he has been emasculated, his balls have been removed, he has been castrated If a man has to always involve his woman or has to ask for permission from his wife, that is a sign of a defeated man. 

“A man is supposed to be the head of his house & decisive, without seeking approval These are men who have been poisoned by the feminist propaganda of “happy wife, happy life”, probably subscribing to the idea of a relationship without gender roles You know the guy who cooks, cleans, washes (they actually have a duty roster) & plays 2nd mommy to the kids. 

“Yes, that guy who has to check in his whereabouts to the madam & asks for permission or else he will be severely punished Yes, that guy who has a curfew, failure to be home on time, he either ends up sleeping outside or is demoted from the main bedroom to the lounge & sleeps on a couch Avoid having any financial dealings, infact any kind of dealing with such men, they are betrayals waiting to happen. All it takes is for the madam to get involved & they will leave you hanging Learn OR perish!!!”

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