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Family accuses jealous goblins of preventing them from losing their virginity
By on May 5th, 2023. News

Family accuses jealous goblins of preventing them from losing their virginity

Six siblings from Nyanga in Zimbabwe, ranging from 30 to 56 years old, have said that they are virgins not by choice, but because some “jealous goblins” have stopped them from having sex. 


During a meeting at Acting Chief Saunyama’s court days ago, the Matesva siblings recounted feeling physically weak and repulsed whenever they try to engage with others. They claimed their father, Sekuru Amos Matesva, and his brother, Sekuru Nesbert Matesva, married them off to these goblins.


Local publications reported that Getrude, Evelina, Isaac, Moses, Chrispen, and Dennis Matesva were furious when they appeared in court and later at traditional healer Sekuru Shingirayi Mukotsanjera’s shrine.


Isaac, a man in his 50s, said he has never been intimate with a woman whom he is not related to. He desires to get married and start a family of his own, but the goblins have made that impossible. He claimed they’ve caused him nightmares of sexual encounters with women, which ultimately disgust him.


He said they sought help from his father and uncle, but their traditional healer passed away, leaving them unable to return the goblins. Moses shares the same experience as Isaac, but he believes that the goblins demand too much sexually, making it impossible to be intimate with a woman. He has given up hope of ever finding love. 


Family accuses jealous goblins of preventing them from losing their virginity


Their sisters also claimed they suffer same fate in the hands of these goblins who have made them unattractive to other men. 


The family’s patriarch, Sekuru Amos Matesva, confirms that his children are being tormented by these goblins. However, when he tried to return them, he was informed that his traditional healer passed away and left an instruction not to take back any goblins.


Sekuru Matesva said that he was given the goblins unknowingly and only learned about them when his children started being sexually assaulted. He tried to return them but was unsuccessful, and the situation has only worsened. His brother, Sekuru Nesbert Matesva, also faces the same problem with his children and has lost their respect because of it.


The Matesva siblings have threatened to assault the two elderly men.


Acting Chief Saunyama claimed the family has been suffering because they failed to thank the traditional healer or prophet who gave them the goblins. 


Sekuru Mukotsanjera advised the two men to return to Sekuru Mutseura’s homestead and thank him for the goblins’ services. According to him, that is the only time they can be freed from the goblins.


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