You’ll be greeted in the locker room by a bus full of whores if you defeat Milan or Juventus



Silvio Berlusconi, President of newly promoted Serie A team, Monza, has made a bizarre promise to the team which would be fulfilled at the end of the second half of the season. 


Berlusconi who addressed the team during a meeting on Tuesday, December 13, promised them a “bus full of whores” if they defeat big teams like Milan or Juventus. 


He said; 


“We found a new coach [Raffaele Palladino], who was at our youth team, he is good, smart, kind, and able to stimulate our lads.

”I decided to add an extra stimulation, so I told the lads you will play Milan, Juventus, etc, so if you beat one of these big teams, I will have you greeted in the locker room by a bus full of wh*res.”


Monza, who were promoted to Serie in 2021-2022 for the first time in their history after emerging winners of Serie B playoff winners, have gotten only 16 points from 15 matches. 


The team will be fighting to avoid immediate relegation from Serie A. 


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