Woman hides Rolex watch she stole in her genitals

Woman hides Rolex watch she stole in her genitals

A Las Vegas woman has been arrested after stealing an expensive watch and hiding it in her genitals. 


The victim of the incident who called in the police, said he was cuddling 33-year-old Sarah Richards and she continually insisted he take his Rolex off while they laid together.


He told cops he put the watch under his pillow and continued to drink wine at Richards’ request. When he noticed the watch was missing, she “went into a panic” and left.


He however followed her all the way down to the lobby where he alerted security before the police arrived. 


Police couldn’t find the Rolex at first, but eventually located it in her genitals. She’s now looking at grand larceny charges.


8 News Now reported that Richards had a preliminary hearing in another case where she’s facing residential theft and burglary charges for allegedly taking someone’s watch on Monday, December 12.


The person in that case apparently told police he thought he was drugged at a hotel.




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