‘There was no argument’ – Wife of Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss tells cops they did not fight before he walked out and shot himself


Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ wife has reportedly told Police that they had no argument before he left their home unannounced on Monday and killed himself. 


Boss’ wife of nine years, Allison Holker, contacted Los Angeles police on Tuesday December 13, to report him missing, saying he had left without a word a day earlier and wasn’t returning her calls, TMZ reported, citing law enforcement sources. 


Holker insisted there had been no fight or dispute that led to his departure just three days after their wedding anniversary. She described his lack of contact as extremely out of character.


Police accompanied Holker back to the family home for a brief search for any clues about his disappearance,  but shortly after a 911 call came in from a nearby motel, where a housekeeper had discovered Boss dead from a gunshot wound.


Boss, 40, who was the amiable DJ for “Ellen DeGeneres Show”  and Holker, 34, shared three children: Zaia, 3, Maddox Laurel, 6, and Weslie Renae, 14, who was born in Alison’s previous relationship but adopted by Stephen. 


The couple appeared to be happy and planning for the future when they were interviewed on the Jennifer Hudson Show in November, and even talking of plans to try for another baby. 


‘I love the little babies, I love them. It’s a constant conversation,’ said Boss. 


On Wednesday, she paid tribute to him in a heartfelt statement – saying she would ‘save the last dance’ for him.


It was revealed that Boss checked into room 249 at the Oak Tree Inn in Encino at around 10.30am on Monday, and was found dead in the room’s bathroom the following day when he failed to check out. 


‘He went into his room, and he never came out,’ the manager, Rakesh, said.


‘At 11.15am on Tuesday, the maid opened the door to check on the room. There was his stuff in there but no one there. She checked the bathroom, and there was blood everywhere.


‘She was very scared. This is the first time anything like that has happened here.


‘We called 911, they told us to check his pulse but there was nothing. The paramedics and the police came, and they said he was dead.’


Rakesh, who asked to be identified only by his first name, said no guests or staff heard the gunshot.


‘Maybe he did it during the day on Monday. It’s a busy, loud road outside here, it’s possible nobody heard it because of that,’ he said.


Boss had called ahead at around 9.20am on Monday to check if rooms were available, then walked the few blocks from his home. Rakesh said he seemed ‘completely normal’ and ‘calm’.


‘When we knocked on the door there was no response,’ Rakesh said. ‘The maid opened the door and there was his stuff still in the room.’


Another member of staff confirmed Boss shot himself in the head, with the manager adding that he did it in the bathroom.


DeGeneres has paid tribute to him as her ‘family’ and  ‘pure love and light’ – adding that she was heartbroken. 


‘I will miss him. Please send your love and support to Allison and his beautiful children – Weslie, Maddox, and Zaia.’ Ellen added


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