Princess next in line to Thai throne is being ‘artificially kept alive’ and ‘unlikely to recover’ after suddenly collapsing while walking her dogs


Princess next in line to Thai throne is being

A Thai Princess is allegedly being artificially kept alive on life support after suffering a heart attack while out walking her dog.


Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand, who is next in line to the Thai throne, was out with her dog in Kaho Yai national park last night, December 14, when she suffered the attack.


She was air lifted to a nearby hospital – with her father, King Maha Vajiralongkorn, flown there shortly after.


Local news is reporting that she was given CPR for more than an hour, but is now “unlikely to recover”.


Princess next in line to Thai throne is being


Journalist Andrew Marhsall, who broke the news, tweeted: “Several royal sources say Princess Bajrakitiyabha suffered a heart attack today while running with her dogs in Khao Yai national park. Her father King Vajiralongkorn rushed there in a helicopter.


“Some sources are saying that despite CPR being carried out for more than an hour, there was no response and she has been put on an ECMO machine, which basically means she is dead but being artificially kept alive.


“She is just 44 so it’s very unusual that she would have heart failure but this is what my sources are telling me.


Princess next in line to Thai throne is being


“Royal sources say the prognosis for the princess is very grim and it’s very unlikely she will ever recover, but she could potentially be kept artificially alive via ECMO for weeks or even months while the regime figures out what to do.”


A statement released by the Thai Palace at 8.30am today, December 15, confirmed that the woman lost consciousness.


The statement, in Thai, states: “Her Majesty is sick.


“Her condition stabilized to a certain extent.”


Though it had been claimed shortly before the statement that the woman had been pronounced dead, the statement doesn’t confirm this.


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