Mother charged in New Zealand ‘suitcase murders’ of two children pleads not guilty

Mother charged in New Zealand ?suitcase murders? of two children pleads not guilty

The mother of two children whose bodies were found in suitcases in New Zealand earlier this year has pleaded not guilty to their alleged murders.


Her Lawyer, Christopher Wilkinson-Smith said he submitted two not guilty pleas on behalf of his client, who did not appear at the hearing at Auckland High Court on Wednesday, December 14.

The 42-year-old woman remains in custody after being extradited from South Korea to New Zealand. Her trial is expected to begin in April 2024 set by Judge Sally Fitzgerald during a hearing at Auckland High Court.

The woman is accused of killing her two children, aged between five and 10, and hiding their bodies in suitcases in a storage unit for several years before the luggage was sold at auction.

The bodies of her children, ages five to 10, were found in suitcases sold at an online auction years after they were killed.

An unsuspecting Auckland family bought the suitcases, among other goods, at an online auction for a storage unit and made the shocking discovery in early August.

The woman was arrested in mid-September by South Korean police in the southern port city of Ulsan, just a month after the children’s remains were discovered.

Both she and the deceased children are covered by strict suppression court orders that prohibit the media from divulging their names or identifying details.

The defendant’s only statement occurred at the time of her arrest when she told reporters “I didn’t do it” as she was led to a police car .

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