Meghan Markle’s half brother and sister hit back at new Netflix documentary

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s half-siblings have hit back at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after the release of their Netflix docuseries.


They slammed the series as “horrible” and “hurtful” towards their family.


Speaking on Talk TV, Thomas Markle Jr. called the documentary “a little bit disturbing” and said that it made “ridiculous” claims.


In the first three episodes of their docuseries, Harry and Meghan reflected on events leading up to their royal wedding, resulting in a relationship breakdown with her father, 78.


Prince Harry said that he blamed himself for Meghan’s rift with her father Thomas Markle because “if Meg wasn’t with me then her Dad would still be her Dad”.


He added: “She had a Father before this and now she doesn’t have a Father. And I shouldered that.”


Meghan’s half-siblings, Thomas Markle Jr. and Samantha, were both offended by the remark made by Prince Harry about Meghan’s father.


Reacting to the comment, Thomas Markle Jr. said: “I think it’s horrible. The documentary is so far off on so many different levels, it’s really a little bit disturbing.


“Saying that she doesn’t have a family and she doesn’t have a father, and Harry saying that she has no Father now, that’s just ridiculous.”


Samantha Markle said that she didn’t want her Father to watch the series.


She told GB News: “He’s been through so much — two heart attacks and a stroke — and she enabled this, watched it, did nothing about it, and for Harry to say something like that is egregious.”


Both siblings accused Meghan of lying in the documentary, with Thomas Markle Jr. adding that the Netflix show prompted him to work on his own documentary.


He told Talk TV: “She just basically brushed the entire family under the carpet like we don’t exist, and then lied about not having a family, and lied about she doesn’t have a family that she’s always wanted.


“We’ve always been here. The documentary is way off. That’s what’s actually prompted me to work with my own production team and coming out in like 2023 our side of a documentary that’s going to shed a lot of light that needs to be shed.”


He added: “The amount of unprecedented files, photos and videos and documentation that we’re going to be including in our documentary — it’s going to tell a whole different story.


“I think the general public in the UK and America knows that now the Markles aren’t bad people, we’re just like a normal family like everybody else.


“We do exist, and when one person tells lies, this is what happens — you end up looking ridiculous.”


Samantha Markle also addressed claims made in the documentary that she was the reason her estranged daughter Ashleigh Hale, 37, was not invited to the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding to Prince Harry in 2018. 


Samantha Markle told GB News: “Ashley was lied to and my sister (Meghan) in fact was the one reportedly who told Ashley she couldn’t go to the wedding.


“So I felt like she was manipulating my daughter, and that’s really sad because my daughter seemingly was holding a grudge and feeling like I was the reason she couldn’t come to the wedding.”


Thomas Markle Jr. also criticised the couple’s wedding, telling Talk TV: “I mean who doesn’t invite their family to a wedding, especially a royal wedding? And it’s not like anybody in my family asked her for one nickel or anything other, we were all happy for her when this happened.


“But the turn of events showed the true colours of this woman (Meghan).


“My general overview is I can’t believe that she was able to be in this position, all by my father’s doing by the way, to be in that position and to know what you’re getting yourself into and then go in there and try and change a 1,000-year-old traditional monarchy to your own liking. 


“Who does that? It’s still a big question, I mean my Father and I, we talk about it quite a bit, I mean how could you even, even consider doing that?


“Everything every woman could ever dream of in their life, you had and you had to go and make waves and accusations and be difficult and overall taking Harry away from his family.” 


Thomas Markle Jr. also said Meghan has still not been in touch with their father Thomas Markle since he had his stroke.

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