LA County sheriff’s deputy is placed under investigation after accidentally broadcasting herself having sex while at work 


 LA County sheriff

A Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy is under is currently under investigation after she allegedly broadcast herself having sex while she was still at work. 


A short clip of the romp, which was heard across radios on the LASD channel, was obtained by TMZ and includes the woman and her partner giggling while in the thick of the act. 


‘You’re going to rip my underwear,’ the woman can be heard saying through laughs.


The man heard in the audio responds, laughing: ‘well, then move.’ 


The audio reportedly went out over the air last week and includes a female deputy who works at the Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail. 


According to sources who spoke with TMZ, the woman was engaging in the ‘nitty gritty’ while on a break. 


The woman had reportedly taken her radio out to a parking structure and accidentally engaged the airwaves. 


Punishments could range from a suspension to a firing, the outlet reported. 


In a statement to DailyMail, Deputy Maria Lucero confirmed the incident is under investigation and does not condone any possible inappropriate behavior.


‘The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is aware of a potential incident involving personnel possibly involved in inappropriate behavior


‘The Department is inquiring and investigating further. 


‘The Department does not tolerate inappropriate behavior and has an expectation that each Department member will conduct themselves in a professional manner consistent with our values,’ Deputy Lepore said. 


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