Kremlin denies Vladimir Putin defecated on himself when he fell down stairs


Kremlin denies Vladimir Putin defecated on himself when he fell down stairs

The Russian government has denied reports that president Vladimir Putin fell down the stairs and defecated on himself.


Russian Telegram news blog SVR General reported on December 1 that Putin tumbled down five steps on the last day of November in one of his residences.


The publication claimed that during the incident, Putin, fell on his ‘coccyx which probably caused sharp pain, provoking involuntary defecation’.


SVR General also repeated long-standing rumours that Putin is suffering from colon cancer.

‘If Putin used to wear special waterproof underwear with an absorbent effect, then recently he neglects these precautions, as it turned out in vain,’ the unverified report post added.


SVR General, citing the president’s guards as sources, said Putin’s in-house doctors rushed to his aid following the fall.


The post said ‘Before the examination, the doctors escorted the president to the bathroom and helped to clean up, and at the same time conducted an initial examination.

‘After a complete examination and examination, a bruise of the coccyx and soft tissues was diagnosed.’


The alleged injuries were ‘nothing critical’, the post said, and Putin popped painkillers later that night.

Now the Kremlin has been forced to deny the claims after American news outlet, Newsweek asked the Kremlin’s press agency.

Press and Information Office of the President of the Russian Federation said: ‘Regarding your request, we can say that this is completely untrue.’

Putin’s health has been under intense scrutiny for years with Parkinson’s and cancer often top of the lists of ailments the Russian leader allegedly suffers from. The Kremlin has always denied the reports, saying Putin is strong and healthy.



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