I was pregnant recently but I lost it


I was pregnant recently but I lost it - Actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi reveals (video)

Actress, Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi, has revealed that she recently lost a baby.


The mum of one was a guest on Channels TV on Sunday, December 11, when she disclosed this. Toyin said she wants more kids and that she was actually pregnant but she lost it.


”I was actually pregnant but I lost it. ”


Commenting on the negative comments people make when a person undergoes an unfortunate incident and experiences some body changes, she said;

”Most times they don’t even know what we are going through. Then I just had such a thing, I cried, I just wanted to have one more or two more kids and I am done. Things happen, I am so bloated..everybody will just comment ‘you are too fat…look at your husband, he is young..look at you, you are fat’..They don’t understand. I am used to it. As an actress, you just have to or you will just die of depression” 


Watch a clip from her interview below…



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