I had her at 16 and now she’s carrying my first grandchild at 16


I had her at 16 and now she

A young TikToker is going viral after revealing she’s set to become a grandmother at the age of 32.


The British woman known only as Shannon shared the news in a TikTok video.


She revealed that her teenage daughter, Molly, is set to welcome a baby boy in early 2023.


She wrote: “You’re a mom to a 16-year-old and now she’s carrying your first grandchild.”


The footage shows Shannon dancing with pregnant Molly.


I had her at 16 and now she


Shannon added in the caption: “She’s my double. 10 weeks to go!! I got her fully! I had her at 16 with no support & I swear on my life I’ll never ever let them down! I got you fully.”


In a follow-up video, the 32-year-old said she’s often told that she looks too young to become a grandmother, but said she feels ready to take on the new role.


She said: “Everyone says that to me — ‘you’re too young to be a nan!’ “


She added that she’s financially supporting her daughter as she prepares for her new arrival.


She explained: “She [Molly] is still my baby, as much as she is having a baby herself now. [I have] bought her everything for the baby, because she hasn’t had her own income or anything like that, so we have all provided.


“That’s all I can do, is just to support and be there for her, which I have.”


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