Actress, Christina Ricci finalizes divorce from James Heerdegen

Actress, Christina Ricci finalizes divorce from James Heerdegen

“Yellowjackets” star, Christina Ricci has finalized her divorce from James Heerdegen more than two years after calling it quits.


TMZ reported that Ricci, will keep their house in San Fernando Valley, California, but will split the money from an upcoming sale of their New York City apartment with the film producer. 


The hollywood actress who was represented by famed divorce attorney Samantha Spector, will also keep the residuals and royalties from her projects.


Heerdegen, on the other hand, will keep a Subaru vehicle and his personal belongings in addition to receiving a onetime payment of $189,687 from his ex-wife.


There’s “no spousal or child support” according to the docs, but Christina “will pay for 100 per cent of private school, and any uncovered medical expenses for Freddie”.


They’ll have “joint legal custody, but she makes the tiebreaking call on things like major medical and educational decisions”.


Ricci, 42, filed for divorce from Heerdegen in the summer of 2020 after an alleged domestic battery incident. Months later, Heerdegen requested a temporary restraining order against the actress, but a judge denied it.

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