Aaron Carter’s fiancée speaks out after his grieving mother blamed her for the singer’s death in since-deleted posts

 Aaron Carter

American singer, Aaron Carter’s fiancée has spoken out after his grieving mother blamed her for his death in since-deleted posts


His mother, Jane Schneck, went on a social media tirade, blaming the singer’s fiancée for his demise.


‘My Baby boy is dead’ the grieving mother began in a series of now-deleted posts on November 28, accusing Melanie Martin, 30, of nagging her late son for money and profiting over his death.


‘I’ve been warning him for two years now. He almost came home,’ read another.  


 Aaron Carter


Melanie and Aaron began dating in early 2020 and got engaged in June of that year. They welcomed their son, Prince, in November 2021. They were living apart at the time of the Bad 2 Good singer’s death. 


According to TMZ, Melanie told the outlet she and Jane had a ‘fairly good relationship’ before the Same Way singer’s death on November 5, and doesn’t hold the damning posts against her. 


The family is having a private memorial service for the Summertime artist next year, when they will spread his ashes. 


Melanie said she’s been invited to attend and asserts she still wants Jane to meet Prince after Christmas, a plan that had taken root before the troubled singer’s death. 


According to TMZ, in a conversation with Jane, she claimed she doesn’t want a war with Melanie, and wants to do what’s best for her grandson. 


Melanie said Jane called her ‘a good woman’ while she was trying to help Aaron get his teeth fixed. 


She also revealed an assistant for Aaron’s twin sister, Angel, reached out to her directly to apologize and let her know the incendiary posts had been taken down. 


Angel is the administrator for her brother’s estate, and the estimated $550,000 dollars in it will go to Prince. 


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