Young gay couple ‘jump to their deaths’ from a 310ft bridge after sharing a final kiss (photos)

 Young gay couple

A  local LGBT group has claimed a young gay couple committed suicide as they jumped to their death from a bridge in Albania, after sharing a final kiss.


Tigran and Arsen shared a heart-wrenching post on Instagram of their final moments with the caption: ‘Happy ending. The decisions about sharing the photos and our next steps were made by both of us.’


 Young gay couple


The pair then leaped off the 310ft Davtashen Bridge in Yerevan, the country’s capital, Pink Armenia said.


 Young gay couple


Local media reports claim the youngsters’ parents did not accept their relationship and Arsen is believed to have run away from home, although this has not been confirmed. 


Rights group Pink Armenia said: ‘The young men still had many years of life ahead of them, but because of intolerance towards them, they took such a tragic step. 


‘LGBT people are very familiar with the feeling of isolation and misunderstanding of family and society. 


‘This tragic incident proves once again that LGBT people in Armenia are not safe and not protected by society or the state.’


Pink Armenia also said the couple’s post was flooded with vile homophobic comments in the wake of their deaths. 

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