Woman who dumped husband of 14 years is ghosted by the new man she left him for

Woman who dumped husband of 14 years is ghosted by the new man she left him for

A woman who went viral online after revealing that she ended her marriage of 14 years for a man she met in a bar has given an update about her new relationship.


Amanda Trenfield, a life coach, says she felt “electric” chemistry with the new man, called Jason, so she ended her marriage and sought him out.


When Amanda finally approached the man she thought she could build a happy future with, she was shocked when he rejected her advances, leaving her single.


Now she’s spoken out about her decision on a podcast and says she doesn’t regret a thing, even though her life has completely changed.


Speaking to Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast, Amanda explained that the whirlwind romance began when she was on a work trip with her husband, while trying to reconnect with him.


She said the pair met Jason and chatted with him over dinner, before he offered them both a drink later on.


Amanda said: “It happened to be my favourite rose. And during the course of that evening, we just stayed talking – there was a depth of connection I just hadn’t felt before.”


The next day, Amanda then approached Jason and discussed her feelings for him – and they shared a quick kiss together.


Woman who dumped husband of 14 years is ghosted by the new man she left him for


She said: “I opened the conversation with, ‘I felt strange and very connected to you last night’, and he said he felt the same way.


“He was there in those moments and felt the connection like I did. He felt the kiss like I did. But he decided to say no and move forward with his life without looking back.”


Previously, Amanda spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald and recalled how the energy between her and Jason was “somehow charged” and that she knew that this was more than just lust or physical attraction.


She said: “We enjoyed a body-hugging embrace where I whispered into his ear, ‘This isn’t over, I need to see you again.’ He put his hands tightly on my waist and pulled me close. ‘Yes,’ he replied. It was all I needed to hear.


“I had never felt anything like this before.


“I now know without hesitation, without question, without any doubt in my mind, my body or my heart, that the energy we experienced that evening was our souls connecting.”


Sadly, Jason rejected her when she went back to him after dumping her husband.


She has now written a new memoir about it, titled “When A Soulmate Says No”.


The title of the book had people gobsmacked as they realised that she had left her husband, only to be rejected by her supposed soulmate.


Thousands of people on Twitter shared their thoughts, with some saying they have no sympathies for her.


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