I will not come near you so we don’t harm each other

I will not come near you so we don

Businessman, Steve Thompson says he doesn’t want to go anywhere near his estranged wife and businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa, so they do not harm each other. 


LIB had earlier in the day shared the story of a petition written by Sandra’s attorneys accusing Steve Maduka aka Steve Thompson, of threat to life and grievous bodily harm in petitions to the Inspector General of Police and the American Embassy. The lawyers claim that Mr. Steve sent Sandra WhatsApp messages threatening to “use his gun” on her and also allegedly threatened to follow through on his threats even if she relocates to the United States of America. Read here.


Sandra on her Instastories also posted a purported Whatsapp exchange between them in which he mentioned that God will kill her. 


I will not come near you so we don


Responding to the allegation, Mr. Thompson in a post shared on Instagram, said he doesn’t want to come near Sandra so they do not harm themselves.


He also addressed claims that he is not providing for their son. He asked Sandra to tell him how much she needs monthly so he will send to her. Read his post below…

”Let Sandra say how much she needs monthly and I will send , I dont want issues and matter is in court, I have kids and I take care of them very well but will never ever show receipts online also I will not show chats !!

I ve been minding my business for years until ……well i wont say much details and this will be the very last time i will mention this issue ,

I dont want to come anywhere close until I’m sure it’s very safe to do so , let’s not kill each other please o because the blackmail ehh e choke !

Also remember you said the boy won’t have my surname so he doesn’t file citizenship for me

Also remember I took care of your kids the 3 of them , bought a car for their school run (a C300 benz then a 2016 camry ), kept a driver for them , remember alot of things

They moved into my place July 2021 and I was there for them till the end , bitterness asides let’s be better please

I will not come near you so we dont harm each other , you have a 13 years old, 7 years old , 3 years old , (and you dash one their dad money the 13yrs old ) how much do you want for this young boy ?? Send me a dm and have it done Peace should be paramount and the money will never be my issue

I remain Mr Steve and this is the last time I will talk about the allegations”

I will not come near you so we don 

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