“DNA testing should be mandatory”

South Africans on social media have reacted after a 42-year-old man allegedly committed suicide after he discovered that he is not the biological father of his 10-year-old daughter.


According to local media, the man from Gauteng Province has been married to the mother of the child for 13 years. 


The man made the discovery after he found court papers served to the wife by the biological father who was demanding access to his daughter.


The biological father had attached DNA test results to the court papers. 


Reacting to the incident, some South African Twitter users called for compulsory paternity tests while others said paternity fraud should be an offence punishable by law. 


On her part, a Mathematics Professor, Mrs Bu, said the man should have continued to raise the child. 


“Haven’t men been bringing their unknown kids to and in marriage for centuries? Worse, women learn of their kids after they have passed. He should ‘ve raised the child. Finish.” she wrote. 

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