Coldplay star, Chris Martin and girlfriend Dakota Johnson file restraining order against female alleged stalker who believes she’s married to the singer

Coldplay star, Chris Martin and girlfriend Dakota Johnson file restraining order against female alleged stalker who believes she

Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin and his girlfriend, actress Dakota Johnson have filed for a restraining order against a woman they are accusing of stalking them.


In legal documents obtained by The Blast, a ‘horrified and fearful’ Martin claimed the woman is convinced she is married to him and has repeatedly tried to enter his Los Angeles home under the ‘delusion’ that she lives there.


The stalker is said to have posted on social media that Johnson was employing ‘black magic’ to cause her physical suffering. 

Martin, 45, has now secured a decision from a judge ordering the woman to remain 100 feet from both him and Johnson, 33.

He claimed he was subjected to ‘continuous and incredibly distressing harassment’ by the woman and that he ‘never had any type of relationship (personal or professional) with her; he has never met nor spoken with her.’

His court filing asserted: ‘The harassment began in April 2022 via social media (including her public Facebook and Twitter accounts) and in recent months has increased in number and severity of the harassment itself.’


Martin, who amicably co-parents two children with his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, said: ‘Her conduct has instilled great fear for his safety and for those with whom he resides because of the hundreds (if not more) of social media postings which contents prove by well over a preponderance of the evidence [the woman’s] emotional instability, delusions, and now actions she is taking, to continue to harass and place both Mr. Martin and his partner, Ms. Dakota Johnson, in danger.’

Under the court order, the alleged stalker is also required to maintain 100 feet distance from Johnson’s car and Martin’s home.

It was also revealed in the filing that the woman allegedly turned up outside his property last week and began ringing the doorbell at the locked gate, where she was captured on video by the surveillance cameras.


The woman is said to have returned to Martin’s home just days later and stopped her car ‘up the street’ – in view of the singer’s private security.

According to the filing, Johnson was leaving Martin’s property in her own car, but when security told her the woman was waiting outside, Johnson fled back into the house ‘because she was extremely fearful for her personal safety.’


Martin’s legal filing accuses the woman of ‘attempting to enter Mr. his private property as well as driving by his residence at all hours of the day and night to personally contact Mr. Martin by any means possible.’

The documents argued that she will persist now that she knows where Martin lives, and alleged that she went ‘to great lengths to contact Mr. Martin, including driving from her resident state of Texas to see him.’

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