Court dissolves 10-year marriage over childlessness

Court dissolves 10-year marriage over childlessness

A marriage of 10 years was on Friday September 30, dissolved by a Customary Court in Nyanya, Abuja, over childlessness. 


Justice Doocivir Yaw who presided over the case between Blossom Ameh and her husband, Simon, dissolved the marriage on the grounds that both parties have lost interest in the union.


Ameh who dragged Simon to court, had said; 


“I am exhausted in this marriage. I have tried my best to have children but all attempts have failed.

“I underwent IVF twice and it failed. I want to go back to my people.”


Ruling on the case, Yaw said; 


“It is on record that both parties have consented to the dissolution of the marriage and also the respondent has asked the court to grant his wife prayer of divorce.

“In view of this, the court has no other choice than to grant the petitioner’s prayer for divorce. The marriage is hereby dissolved.

“The petitioner is also ordered to return the bride price of N50,000 to the respondent.”

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